The Collision Of Open Source, Open Networking, And software-defined networking

Open source is well understood in the software world, as it has helped accelerate IT and bring business advantages by accelerating new solutions and lowering costs—especially around cloud computing. Open networking and software-defined networking (SDN) both promise to bring the

Accenture spends €25m on European centre in Dublin

Accenture is opening a European IT hub in Dublin that will house 200 staff focused on the research, development and design of cognitive computing, internet of things, analytics, security and digital technologies. The move sees Dublin join technology labs in the US, France,

20 Facts regarding “Big Data” – are you ready?

Big data is not a fad. We are just at the beginning of a revolution that will touch every business and every life on this planet. But loads of people are still treating the concept of big data as something

How Companies Are Pursuing Innovation

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Leaps in Perspective

If you know your company’s progress up the levels of human evolution, you can help its culture advance to the next stage. Blog Category: Strategy + Business Intology Limited: Read more: Leaps in Perspective

Stop Driving Away Your Producers

Many companies undervalue their highest-potential talent: the leaders who create new businesses. Blog Category: Strategy + Business Intology Limited: Read more: Stop Driving Away Your Producers

The Empathy Solution

Ever-smarter computers may be poised to steal the jobs of a rising number of people. In a new book, Geoff Colvin argues that humans can deploy a secret weapon: their ability to care. Blog Category: Strategy + Business Intology Limited:

How to Learn From a Phone Company's Mistakes

Forget about learning business lessons from Apple. It’s time to take lessons from a smartphone company with a history of errors, blunders and bad decisions. Intology Limited: * Twitter: * Facebook: Blog Category: Mobility Read more:

Using Captive Insurance Companies To Address Cyber Security Risks

Cyber security due to a multitude of data breaches is a major concern of companies and one that is going to become increasingly significant. Corporate data from customer information to intellectual property can all be stolen to the extreme detriment

The Key to Greece's Recovery? Strategic Management

Institutional and macroeconomic reforms alone won’t solve the Greek crisis. Blog Category: Strategy + Business Intology Limited: Read more: The Key to Greece’s Recovery? Strategic Management